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The Varroa destructor mite is the main cause of bee mortality worldwide.

To combat them, beekeepers currently mainly use chemicals. However, due to chemical residues in honey, these are neither healthy for the beekeeper nor for the consumer. In addition, the mite has developed resistance to some of the chemicals, which makes them less effective. However, it has been known for decades that the varroa mite's only weakness is its considerable sensitivity to elevated temperatures. If we expose the mite to temperatures of 43 ° C, it dies.

The VARRTREAT is equipped with numerous functions such as fans, temperature sensors and a sophisticated algorithm that makes it possible to keep the temperature in the beehive at a constant 43 ° C. The heat does not harm the bees, the brood or the combs. Yet it kills the varroa mite in the beehive. "

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